Invitation to become an Earthkeeper


We are at the end of an evolutionary era that has lasted 65 million years. 

The planetary alignment in December 2012, predicted by the mathematical genius of the Mayan people, marked the end of the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of the Transformation of Consciousness. 

The 2020 Global Awakening has created an opportunity for mass awareness of the disconnection from Mother Earth. We are experiencing a global heart-opening, collectively embracing EQUALITY, NON-VIOLENCE, TRUTHFULNESS, INTEGRITY and GENEROSITY.

These are principles of the Munay-Ki and lay the foundation for our NEW world. A world of harmony, love, and peace.

Old, non-sustainable ways of disharmony, fear, and conflict are the reason why Munay-Ki is available to you now. It is a way for you to remember your place as an integral part of the Universe.

Take charge of your own Transformation of Consciousness. Make a difference in the world by becoming an Earthkeeper. Assist us in facilitating this longed-for transformation for humanity.

Get ready to take a quantum leap…